Much has been discussed about how effective pills and correction procedures are effective in treating erectile dysfunction. But what about naturally occurring products especially foods and fruits? Can they actually help promote sexual health just like pills and supplements? The simple answer is yes.

Some common foods that promote sexual health

  • Omega acids – Fish especially salmon are abundant sources of omega acids. These fatty acids are known to increase the levels of nitric acid. Nitric acid in turn plays a major role in determining how long an erection will be maintained.
  • Oysters – There is perhaps no richer source of zinc than oysters. When properly prepared, oysters can help up the levels of zinc in such a way that the levels will abide by the required levels needed to maintain sexual health especially the levels of testosterone.
  • Spices – Chili peppers are the best example in this category. They aid in the relaxation of blood arteries and therefore promote blood circulation.
  • Coffee, tea and stimulants – Some studies have shown that taking a cup of coffee two times a day can actually help prevent erectile dysfunction. This is related to the fact that coffee promotes blood circulation and helps prevent cholesterol build up.
  • Nuts and wholegrains – They contain arginine, vitamins and fiber. All these three play vital roles in the prevention of erectile dysfunctions. Nuts also are rich sources of calories.
  • Garlic – It may not be the best thing to your breath but garlic can be of great help when it comes to sexual health. It for example helps clear off any buildup of cholesterol in the arteries.
  • Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate is associated with buildup of nitric acid in the body. it also contains ingredients known as flavanols.
  • Green vegetables – Kales, spinach and broccoli should always find their way into your meals. They are great nitric acid boosters.
  • Watermelon – Apart from the fact that these delicious fruits will keep you hydrated all day long, they are stuffed with a vital antioxidant known as lycopene. The antioxidant promotes proper cardiovascular functions as well as blood circulation.

How long does it take to cure ED with natural products?

If you have9 Common Foods That Promote Sexual Health – How to Prevent ED with Natural Products already been diagnosed with ED, it is best that you go for short term pills first. Foods only work by producing long term effects and improving overall sexual health effects. All the same, it is best that you find all that you can about the best meal plans from health blogs and online articles. As you are bound to find out, foods can very much help promote sexual health.