What are the causes of ED?

A variety of factors and conditions can be linked to erectile dysfunction. Diseases, progressive conditions and medications to treat the diseases are the most common causes. Such diseases include diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, heart and blood pressure related issues, stress. Medical procedures like surgery and long term drugs also greatly reduce a person’s libido. Age is also associated with ED but is not a guaranteed cause. Although older people may need milder stimulation to achieve an erection, it doesn’t necessary mean that they will be suffering from ED.

How can ED be prevented?

The most convenient way of preventing ED is by managing the predisposing factors that lead to the same. Such factors include adding excess weight, remaining inactive for long hours, drug abuse, addictive masturbation and poor dietary inclusions.

Best treatment methods for ED

Nowadays, patients do not have to feel rejected or ashamed of ED. There are 4 main treatment methods which work best depending on how adverse ED is. These methods include:

Erectile Dysfunction – Definition, Causes, Prevention and Best Treatment Methods

Oral pillsPills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis have been in use for more than a decade now. They are FDA approved and very effective in managing erectile dysfunctions. Herbal extracts and supplements may also be offered in form of pills with the promise of helping deal with erectile dysfunctions.

Surgical procedures – If ED is resulting from penile deformations, surgery may be the only available option. However, surgical procedures should only be considered after advice from a doctor has been acquired.

Injections – Penile injections aim to introduce important mineral products into the penile muscles to promote cells nourishment. The idea of getting penile injections does not always get welcomed by many patients.

Therapies – These are perhaps the most effective and most advisable of all the discussed ED treatment methods. For one, therapies can help a patient uncover the real cause of erectile dysfunction. Second, they can help the patient settle on the best pills or procedure to help cure ED. In fact, therapies are the only way in which ED due to stress and depression can be treated. The specific best treatment method to go for depends on an individual’s situation. The best way to go about it is to approach a doctor or a professional and be advised on the best way forward.