It wouldn’t help much to take prescription medications for ED without the correct information on how to maximize their effectiveness. It is therefore of great importance to dedicate some minutes to learn a thing or two on how you can get the most out of ED medications.

Things to do and ones to avoid

What your diet - Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all affected by the quantity of meals taken. This is especially when the meals are heavily stuffed with fats. It is in fact advised that you take such medications on an empty stomach.

Allow the drugs enough time to work - Most of the effective ED medications work by chemically stimulating the body. It is for this reason that enough time is supposed to be allowed for the drugs to reach peak levels. For example, Viagra users should at least wait for 30 minutes before the desired results can be achieved. Specific guidelines for specific brands can be found on the guide manuals.

Chose the right medication - Cialis works differently from Viagra and both work differently from Levitra. The specific drug that will work best for an individual depends on a couple of factors. Always make a point of getting advice from a doctor on the best medication that will work best for you.

Dosage - Dosage information is very important. Other than helping patients to get the best desired results, it is also the best way to avoid undesired side effects associated with the specific drugs being taken.

Nitrates are not to be mixed with ED drugs - Nitrates are a class of drugs used to manage blood pressure levels. Since ED drugs usually work by relaxing blood vessels to promote better blood circulation, mixing the two can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure levels. This is very disastrous and can actually lead to sudden seizure attack or stroke.

When to see a doctor

A full management plan can beHow to Increase the Effectiveness of ED Drugs - Things to Do and Ones to Avoid developed by a doctor on how ED drugs should be used effectively for best results. Even before actively buying certain brands of ED drugs, it is necessary that you check with your doctor. In most cases, you will be required to undergo a small clinical test and consequently get a prescription. A prescription will in turn help you access the right ED medications that will work best for your situation. Additionally, remember to disclose to your doctor about any medication or disease you have had to deal with in the past.