Vasectomy refers to a sort of birth control procedure that @bars semen@ from reaching the urethra. It is increasingly becoming a popular choice especially for couples who have no further desire to have any more babies.

and contamination. This is usually inWhat Is Vasectomy – Is It worth All the Cost And Where Can It Be Done Successfully? cases where the procedure has not been done under the right medical and sanitation conditions. In some cases, patients who have undergone vasectomy do feel the need for a reversal operation. Although it is possible nowadays to get a vasectomy reversal, it is costly and not recommended. It is for this reason that you are advised to get the necessary advice from a doctor before undergoing the procedure. Also, ensure that you have discussed the decision with your sexual partner. Note that vasectomy does not protect from STIs including HIV. Also, vasectomy patients may be required to spend at least five ejaculations before they can be considered totally infertile.

Why is vasectomy important

The main advantage of vasectomy is in its ability to offer a permanent birth control method. As much as this may be seen as a disadvantage in some cases, it can still be of great benefit to couples.